Reading cannot be escaped. It is a must. You read some how. Deliberately. On social media. Blogs. every where. every day. This post focuses on the urgency of reading books deliberately.

Now, if you spend a lot of time on social media, especially twitter, it is assumed that you are reading a lot already. But it is imperative to channel that time into an organized form or reading. I mean a kind of reading that you can measure and handle.

Books come in handy here. They represent an organized form of reading, that you can track and measure, because you are able to progress from chapter to chapter, page to page, you can pick up from where you stopped last time.

Below are 5 reasons why you start should read. Now.

1. Reading exposes you

Reading books and other materials exposes you. It makes you aware of things that you never know existed. You become exposed and you can easily flow with other people, having conversations around that particular subject that you have read about. It could be sports, relationship, politics, and more.

2. Reading helps your vocabulary

One of the major reasons why you should start and develop the habit of reading is that it helps build your vocabulary. You get to read words that you never heard of and when you check their meanings and usage in the dictionary, and you also make conscious efforts to utilize these words in your daily use of the English Language, your vocabulary and arsenal of words become robust.

3. Reading makes you knowledgable

Reading makes you knowledgable in a lot of areas. It helps you remain relevant. You are able to have a little knowledge of everything. There is always a clear difference between someone who reads and someone who does not read.

4. Reading helps you travel the world in your mind

One of the major benefits of reading is that you travel the world in your mind. You are able to read about the culture and way of life of other people, in new places that you have never visited physically. It helps you understand the system that operates in a country and how the people value things, their priorities, what’s important to them and all.

5. It makes you a good writer and speaker

Reading makes you a good writer and speaker. This is a direct effect of the product of reading. It makes you fluent because you have a bank of stories, quotes, scenarios, and examples to explain your points while reading and writing. Ultimately, reading makes you a better communicator.

6. Bonus point: reading is entertaining

Now, reading is entertaining. A lot of people find reading to be a source of entertainment to them. Instead of watching the TV or playing video games, they just pick up a book and relax. They get to enjoy the soothing words and letters of the book that they are reading. For most people, reading is a great way to relax and get entertained.


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