Okadabooks is one of Nigeria’s foremost ebook stores. The platform has helped Nigerian authors who before now were not able to publish their books traditionally, to publish their books as ebooks on the Okadabook store. The store boasts of over 300,000 active reading audience home and abroad. This means that upcoming authors can now publish their ebooks to thousands of audience without the challenges of traditional publishing.

The philosophy of Okadabooks has been to disrupt publishing in Nigeria and indeed Africa. The concept of Okada is very familiar to Nigerians. The typical Okada rider in Nigeria can boycott traffic by taking corners and short cuts to get passengers to their desired destination. This is what Okada books stands for, to help authors boycott the bottlenecks of traditional books publishing and publish their books to thousands of Nigerian readers online.

Reasons why you should publish your book on Okadabooks


1. Wide Nigerian readership

The Okada book platform boosts of over 300,000 active users on the website and mobile app. This means that Nigerians can now read Nigerian books from Nigerian authors telling stories about Nigeria to Nigerians and the world. This is truly amazing.

2. Opportunity to make money from your books

Authors who list their books on Okada books can put a price tag on them. Readers are to buy the books and have them in their library before they can read it. Although Okada books encourage authors to charge less prices for their books or make it free, authors are at liberty to determine the final price of their books. Note that 30 percent of the price goes to Okada books while the author keeps 70 percent.

3. DRM protection for ebooks

Okada books platform offers DRM protection for uploaded ebooks. DRM protection means that users cannot share your ebooks. They are protected. However, this feature is only available on the mobile app. Authors have the right to decide if their books will be available exclusively on the mobile app or also on the website.



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