BamBooks is one of the top ebook stores in Nigeria. The platform enables authors to publish their books and readers can read them on the go. The system is quite different from Okadabooks in that BamBooks operates a monthly subscription-based system.

For just 500 naira a month, readers can read as many books as they want. At the end of the month, we will have to renew their subscription and authors get paid according to the number of pages that readers read from their books.

Reasons to publish your books on BamBooks

1. Strong DRM protection

ebooks uploaded to bambooks are highly protected and cannot be shared among readers. This is good for authors so they can be able to have a reader read one copy per time.

2. No specific price.

if you are wondering about what price to tag your book, then you should upload it on bambooks. They do not add prices of books on their platform. Books do not have price tags. The reader ultimately decides which books are interesting and then reads. The more your books are read, the more you earn.

3. Chance to be featured on BamBook’s social media pages.

Authors on bambooks have the opportunity to get their books featured on their social media accounts. A check on BamBooks IG account shows that aside publishing your book on the platform, you stand to enjoy free social media promotion. BamBooks IG account is home to over 10,000 followers who are book lovers. This is an interesting feature from BamBooks.

4. you get paid as long as people read your book.

On BamBooks, earnings never stop as long as your book is read. On BamBooks, you get paid as more and more people read your books. The more readership you get, the more money you make.

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