Self Publishing Service

Self-publishing is the best way for old and new authors to get their eBooks published online. We offer self-publishing services to busy Authors who are ready to publish their manuscript on various ebook online stores across the globe.

The hurdles and barriers of traditional publishing are gone for good.

How it Works

Our self-publishing services cover the following areas

  • Proofreading
  • Book editing
  • Book cover designs
  • 3D book cover designs
  • Book interior formatting
  • Ebook ISBN
  • Epub conversion
  • Ebook uploads
  • Ghostwriting
  • And More

Proofreading your ebook is very vital. Trust me. Readers get easily pissed off seeing errors in a book. Errors can put off readers and that could mean huge drops on your ebook sales.

Our proofreaders pay attention to details and they are careful to proofread and look out for errors in your ebook.

We proofread ebooks and make them ready to be uploaded on major online ebook stores worldwide.



Book Editing
Book editing covers proofreading and an in-depth review of your book (fiction or non-fiction). Here, our editors take quality time to read through your manuscript and make edits line by line. We make suggestions on better ways to cover your message while allowing you to approve them. In the end, you have the final say over your manuscript.

We make sure that the writer’s voice, style, and uniqueness is not lost. We edit in such a way that is very much consistent with the tone of the Author.



Book Cover Design:

For a book to truly catch the reader’s attention, its cover must be very attractive. People buy books and are attracted most times based on their covers. It’s also vital to note that people still judge books by their covers. So, you need to get a professional book cover design for your ebook.
This service comes in various dimension:

front cover
This type of cover design only caters for front page covers. This cover is single and it is uploaded on all online stores because it serves as the cover image for your ebook.
This cost 5,000 naira for a design. (2 concepts and multiple edits)

Front and back cover, with spine
This kind of cover is mostly required for print books. It comes with a front cover, back cover, and spine. The back cover will contain short Author bio and summary of your book and reviews if possible.

This cost 10,000 naira for a design (2 concepts and multiple edits)



Front and back cover, with 3D view.
This covers the front, back cover, and spine and also comes with a 3D view. Most authors prefer to have their books in 3D formats especially for marketing purposes
This costs 15,000 for a design (2 concepts and multiple edits)



Only 3D view
If you already have a book cover and you want to convert it to 3D, we can do that for you. We convert 2D covers to 3D covers that our Authors and their readers will love.
This costs 5,000 naira for two 3D view design



Book (Interior) formatting
Whether you want to upload your book online or you need an experienced professional to format your ebook so it looks presentable and good to go, our professional book formatting experts are at your service. We have formatted countless documents and books and we know what looks great. From the right margin size to trim size to mirror settings, we will ensure your book formatted to your taste and standard.

Formatting for ebooks costs 3,000 naira per 10,000 words
Formatting of hard cover printing costs: 5,000 naira per 10,000 words



Epub Conversion:
We can convert your manuscript to epub format in record time. Most online ebook stores require that books should also be uploaded in epub format so readers with this preference can read your book with ease.

We charge 250 naira per 1000 words. This means that if your book contains 10,000 words, the cost of epub conversion is 2,500 naira. 20,000 words cost 5,000 naira and so on.



Ebook ISBN
When you upload your ebook online on ebook stores, you will get a unique ISBN number for your ebook. Contact us for more info

Ebook uploads:
Are you set to upload your ebook online? We can help you do that in record time. We will carry out proper interior formatting for your book to meet the requirements of the desired ebook store. Currently, we help distribute ebooks on various online ebook stores locally and globally.

We distribute books to the following platforms (see prices attached).

BamBooks – N3,000 ($30)
OkadaBooks – N3,000 ($30)
Smashwords – N5,000 ($60)
Barnes and Noble – N5,000 ($60)
Kobo Book store – N5,000 ($60)
Scribd – N5,000 ($60)
Amazon – N5,000 ($60)



Amazon Service Package (Special Bundle)

This service is specially tailored for new and existing Amazon Authors who which to review and update their amazon account. Services here include

Amazon Author Page:
We can help set up your Amazon Author Page, which displays your profile and lists all your books on Amazon. The service charge for this is N5,000 ($60)

Amazon Payment Set up:
This service helps you set up your Amazon payment details.  We will set up your account and integrate with amazon so you can receive money from sales directly to your bank account. Service charge is N10,000 ($100)



If you are a busy professional, or you need someone to collaborate with on your writing, then our ghostwriting service is for you. Our ghostwriters will work with you to deliver ready manuscripts for publishing. Contact us today.




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