Amazon remains the number destination for Authors who wants to get their books on the global stage. Considering their reach virtually in markets of developed countries, it is clear why Authors want their book on Amazon. In this post, we’ll look at trends in publishing your book on amazon in 2019 especially for African authors and beyond.

1. There’s been a rising trend of only hard copies

In 2019, we have observed a rise in hard copy books or paperbacks. Popular Authors on Amazon are now opting to only have their books in hard copies. This goes to show that hard copies are still very much appreciated by readers. There’s been a lot of speculations, research, and comments on the idea that soft copy books are taking over and that hard copy books are extinct. This seems not to be true anymore as a good number of readers prefer to have their books in hard copies.

2. There’s been a rising trend for audiobooks

On Amazon, we have noticed a rising trend for audiobooks. Authors now want to have the audio versions of their books. The reason for this is not far fetched. With increasing demands on our time, readers are trying to multi-task. So the idea is that they can listen to a chapter from a book while jogging, walking or exercising or even cooking. It’s amazing and time-saving.

3. Authors can now get 70% profit share

The pricing and earning system on Amazon get reviewed from time to time. Currently, Authors can earn about 70% royalty on their books but there are conditions. One major condition is that the price set for the book must not exceed $9.99. If you want to set a price higher than that, it means you no longer qualify for a 70% share but the 30% share. You can set a price say $50 dollars for a book. You get to take 30% of each sale for the books. This may not be the best option as it puts a lot of stress on the buyer.

Note: On the 70% rule, amazon also charges you for making your ebook available to readers based on the size of your book in megabytes (MB). This means that less size gets fewer charges and large-sized books get charged more. This means that Authors will not eventually get 70% but around 69 or 68% or less.

4. Tax evidence required to upload books

Authors are required to show evidence of tax payment before they can upload their books on amazon to start selling and earning. For Nigerians and Africans, this means that you must fill in your TIN number on your account set up page.

5. Payoneer has always come to the rescue for African Authors.

Amazon previous used a cheque system to issue payments to Authors. But recently, they now require every Author to have foreign bank accounts especially a dollar account. For Africans, this may be difficult to comply with. This is where Payoneer comes in. They help with foreign US virtual accounts.

6. Do Amazon ads work?

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