On Becoming Human.
Unity Ivongbe
Publisher: Amazon
Pages: 153
Price: (paperback) $12.00
Reviewed: September, 2019
Author Website: Visit »

On becoming human is a book that talks about virtually all spheres of our humanity. The Author tries to define what it means to be human, to display behaviour in such a way that communicates our shared humanity.

In the writer’s words, he opines that the world population will always be on the increase and there will be increasing demand placed on all people to be more human, to accommodate and to love one another to ensure human flourishing.

The Author answers the rising question on everyone’s mind about artificial intelligence and how robots are creating jobs and taking jobs away. It is clear that those who will not lose their jobs to robots are those who will be true humans to the core. Those who will display a lot of emotional intelligence as it were.

This book contains an important message for today’s people.

Available in hard copy and ebook.

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