A good number of people hardly find time to read. They want to read but the time is not there. Considering the kind of work they do and other engagement, finding time to read has become a challenge. In this post, we share simple ways to creating time for reading.

1. Start small

You can start by saying that you will read 1 hour a day. This time can be shared in 30 minutes for mornings and evenings or afternoons, depending on your schedule. The thing is, you only get to read when you delibrately create time for it. So start small. Resolve to read one hour a day.

Another twist to this technique is to read 1 chapter a day. Check your prefered book and estimate the average number of pages that are contained in chapters. It could be 5, 10 or 7. For instance, 7. So you can read 3 pages in the morning, after devotion or on your way to work, then you can complete the rest in the afternoon or before you sleep.

2. Lunch Breaks

This is a good opportunity to read during work. It could be a page or 2, for 10 or 20 minutes. The good thing is that you are more relaxed and confortable as you take the time to rest and refresh for the other part of the day.

3. Toilet times

Interestingly, this time could be harnessed. A page could go down in the toilet. Never underestimate this time.

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