Fifty Shades of Wisdom
Unity Ivongbe
Publisher: Amazon
ISBN-13: 978-1986246163
Pages: 158
Price: (paperback) $7.63
Reviewed: September 2019
Author Website: Visit »


Fifty Shades of Wisdom is a manual for daily living. You will find down to earth wisdom that is applicable to your life, business, finance, health, and your well being. The Author goes in-depth to share his learnings from the wisest man that ever lived.

Wisdom is the principal thing and most of the challenges we face in our daily lives result from a lack of wisdom on a particular subject matter. Consequently, the book takes time to share powerful wisdom and insightful perspective into navigating this thing called life.

No one has lived before, and it is foolishness to assume that you know a handful about life. Life is complex and we need all the wisdom that we can get to navigate our way through life. It’s not an easy task but thankfully, this book helps put life in perspective by offering valuable wisdom keys for daily living.

Reading this book will help you learn from the wisest man that ever lived.

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