Design Service


Our Design Service cut accros various areas. From Book Cover Design to Author/Website Design. to 2D book covers and General Graphics designs for your needs. See more information below.

1. Book Cover Design

We understand that book covers are very important as the pass the intended message about the book and they are able to appleal to readers emotion when deciding to purchase your book. This is why we offer professional book cover design services for ebooks and hard copy books.

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2. Book Cover converstion: 2D to 3D

Recently, Authors now have to render their book cover deisngs in 3D formats for marketing and online promotions. This is because 3D covers have high capacity to attract readers and catch their attention. We office this service at an affordable rate.

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3. Author/Book Website Design

The importance of having an Anthor webiste or a website for your book cannot be overflooged. In 2019, Authors need a professional website to communicate their brand and message to their audience. Check out our Author website design packages today.

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4. Graphics Design

You can contact us for your graphic design needs. From banners, to fliers, brochures, business cards and more. Our designs are professional and industry standard and always ready for print or for screens.

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