Book Cover Design Service

For a book to truly catch reader’s attention, its cover must be very attractive. People buy books and are attracted most times based on their covers. It’s also vital to note that people still judge books by their covers. So, you need to get a professional book cover design for your ebook.

This service comes in various dimension:

How it Works

front cover
This type of cover design only caters for front page covers. This cover is single and it is uploaded on all online stores because it serves as the cover image for your ebook.

This cost 5,000 naira for a design. (2 concepts and multiple edits)

Front and back cover, with spine
This kind of cover is mostly required for print books. It comes with front cover, back cover and spine. The back cover will contain short Author bio and summary of your book and reviews if possible.

This cost 10,000 naira for a design (2 concepts and multitple edits)

Front and back cover, with 3D view.
This covers the front, back cover and spine and also comes with a 3D view. Most Authors prefer to have their books in 3D formats especially for marketing purposes

This costs 15,000 for a design (2 concepts and multitple edits)

Only 3D view (2D to 3D Coverstion)
If you already have a book cover and you want to convert it to 3D, we can do that for you. We convert 2D covers to 3D covers for our Authors. This cover can be used especially for online book marketing and promotion

This costs 5,000 naira per 3D view design

Book marketing and promotion flier design
We can convert your book cover to 3D and also design a beautiful, professional flier that talks about your book lunch date or that talks about your book generally.

This service costs 7,000 naira per design (A design comes with 2 concepts with multiple design edits till you’re satisfied.


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